Rights and science in the drone era. Actual challenges in the civil use of drone technology

El artículo “Rights and science in the drone era. Actual challenges in the civil use of drone technology” de J. Sarrión y C. Benlloch ha sido recientemente publicado en la Revista Rights and Science / R&S,  VOL. 0 (2017), ISSUE 0 (117-133), available here.

La revista  “focuses on the various juridical and academic aspects of the relationship between law and science as well as on their impact on research and innovation activities in the European, international and national legal systems, economies and societies”. 

Abstract del artículo:

Although Drone technology has a great future, drones are here right now. In fact,
drone is one of the current technological devices with the greatest prospects for use. It is
estimated that last year the drone business mobilized more than 7 million dollars
worldwide in the distribution sector, and that this figure would approach 30 million by
Certainly, although its use is very widespread in the military field, it is in the civil
field where its applications, with a broad range of use, presents the greatest challenges,
although the actual legal framework reduces its possibilities due to a very restricted use
of these devices. Nevertheless, we need to guarantee a safe use and fundamental rights
protection in the civil use of drones.
Our aim in this paper is to develop an overview on the actual EU legal framework for
civil use of drones outlining these challenges, and also on the Spanish regulation as a
national case example.

Key words

Drone technology. EU dronelaw. Civildrone. Fundamental rights. Drone era

The paper has been developed thanks to the Independent Thinking UNED
Research project Actual challenges for the regulation of the civil use of drones (DroneLawChallenges).

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